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Eden Books mobile app

I created an application, or a social network for reading e-books called Eden Books, which has gained over 120,000 users in a short period of time.

Eden Books mobile app

I am the conceptual creator of the Eden Books application, which I conceived and developed as a startup for the publishing house Laguna. Eden Books is a social network for e-book enthusiasts, where users can exchange messages, read books online/offline, discover new users based on common friends, shared books, and the same authors. The application offers both a white and dark mode. The reader is designed to generate user-generated content (UGC); users can highlight and share sentences on their social media with specific templates. The application is available on Android and iOS stores, as well as a web version connected through an API with the mobile apps. Eden Books includes a built-in payment gateway and card-on-file system, offering a freemium model with 7 or 14 days of free trial and a certain number of permanently free books and other texts. The application features books in 7 languages. In just one year and four months, the app has gained 124,000 registered users. App design and development: Euroart93

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Delfi Bookstore web

One of my most significant projects involves two Delfi websites for the largest bookstore chain in Serbia. Both websites are remarkable and utilize different technologies.

Delfi Bookstore web

Although I worked on the Delfi website, which operated from 2019-2022 and was built in Php Laravel, I felt the need to address its shortcomings and create a better site. I was honored to lead the entire project with my colleagues, who contributed significantly, especially project manager Jelena Veljković, known for her attention to detail and system expertise. The main issue was the increasing number of administrators for the website in my digital team. This led me to consider utilizing alternative technology for the new Delfi Bookstore website. The new site adopted a microservices architecture, incorporating technologies such as React, Laravel, Docker, and automated AWS servers. However, the most significant development was the creation of widgets for the site. What does this mean? In just a few clicks, the admin could create an unlimited number of banners on the homepage or any other page. The admin also had the flexibility to add numerous carousels, filters, product descriptions, and more, allowing them to program 90% of the site's content without requiring developer intervention. This strategic decision aimed to free up developers for other projects. For example, the admin could take a single vertical banner on the homepage and either duplicate or split it into two or three sections. Additionally, the site incorporated a payment gateway and a quick predefined two-click purchasing system. Furthermore, it's noteworthy that the Delfi website receives over 1.5 million monthly visits and boasts an inventory of over 180,000 articles. The site implements an advanced search functionality and employs an AI recommendation system developed in Python to enhance the user experience. Web design: Euroart93

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Tuberland Web

The website I created within a few days, but I spent a month or more on the content. Nonetheless, it's another successful project that is up and running.

Tuberland Web

In addition to managing teams, I am also involved in website and application development, using no-coding platforms. I created a complete website for truffles, Tuberland.rs, for a client. The website was built on the WordPress platform with specific widgets and additional technology to enhance speed and optimization. I also conducted full SEO on the site, and the content was written by me. Tuberland aims to make it easy for truffle enthusiasts to access quality sources of both black and white truffles.

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Hotel Divčibare

Another beautiful project I've created from scratch, from the website to the content.

Hotel Divčibare

I had the opportunity to create a website for the first and largest hotel in Divčibare. The idea was for the website to be simple, fast, and to include a reservation system and an international card payment system. The website is very good, built in WordPress, excellent, and modern.

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Work experience & skill

  • A1 Serbia, ICT Product Manager 2022-
    A1 Serbia, ICT Product Manager 2022-

    A1 is a large company that produces a wide range of ICT products. I manage several projects, from a mobile application for Android and iOS based on blockchain technology to other applications and websites that are both functional and ecommerce.

  • Laguna & Delfi Director Digital and eCommerce 2017-2022
    Laguna & Delfi Director Digital and eCommerce 2017-2022

    At Laguna and Delfi, I led over 20 people, working on two applications and five websites. We increased online sales by over 40%, created a live inventory, established a call center, implemented Bitrix24, and much more.

  • Marketing Manager, DNA Communications 2015-2017
    Marketing Manager, DNA Communications 2015-2017

    I worked on numerous interesting projects at the agency, leading brands in 13 countries, including Rauch, collaborating with brands like Tarkett, contributing to the development of a local sports brand, The Spot, and serving clients such as British Motors, IKEA, Teekanne, and many more.

  • Digital Marketing, Freelance 2014-2018
    Digital Marketing, Freelance 2014-2018

    One of the most thrilling periods of my life because I had a diverse range of clients, from enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses. I worked on projects with Microsoft, collaborated with IBM, Discovery Channel, Samsung, Coca-Cola, and many others.

  • Marketing Manager, iPyro 2014-2015
    Marketing Manager, iPyro 2014-2015

    iPyro, an Israeli agency that operated successfully in Belgrade for a period, with a focus on UGC, digital, and BTL. An exciting time; I worked on brands such as Bambi, Zewa, and Coca-Cola.

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Semrush
  • Programmatic
  • PR & ATL
  • Creative
  • Presentation
  • Team lead
  • PCM Imaginer
  • Product Sales
  • API structure
  • Jira
  • Bitrix24
  • CRM & ERP
  • WordPress
  • Html & CSS
  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Product & Project
  • Problem solving
  • Live presentation
  • Office 365
  • Payment getway
  • SaaS build

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